History hanoi

Dated back to 11th century when King Ly Cong Uan and his government taking power of Dai Viet, Vietnam Today, the first Vietnamese Feudal System Central and starting new era that Vietnam became an independence and developing country. To realize the dream, he has moved the ancient capital from Hoa Lu to Hanoi with the aims of exchanging the cultural sophistication and trading of Red River Delta and the story of Hanoi Old Street started from here.

Like many ancient civilizations of our world that all starts from the famous river. Hanoi Old Quarter was founded on the bank of Red River Delta, simple to trade and easy to transport cargo through regions, up to the mountainous area and down to the sea of Beautiful Halong Bay. With the geography advantages and supporting from the authorities, Hanoi Old Quarter attracted skillful handicraft villagers and business man through the region which have been creating a society and environment of richest culture through out Vietnam.

During the Golden Age of Sails, Vietnam was under ruled by Tran Dynasty, which 3 times defeated Mongolian Troop to Vietnam. At this era once again Hanoi Old Quarter becomes the place to connect with another culture from India, Japan, Korea, and especially the first Western People arrived in Vietnam which opening for the Colonial Era. In the nineteen century, when the bustling of heavy industry revolution in European and the Colonial Era has been created, most of the feudal system country became backward compared to new weapon technology of Western people and Vietnam was not an exception. The French People had maintained a government of half feudal system and half Colonia. This era has left Hanoi Old Quarter a picturesque buildings, 2 line-tree boulevards, cathedral churches, opera house and Long Bien Bridge, Classy hotels and Hanoi was said the Paris of Indochina.

Centuries over Hanoi Old Quarter has been quietly located on the bank of Red River, next to Long Bien Bridge; Each of the street Conner, each of encountering buildings has left the visitor a compelling site and monuments - compelling of mixing culture – a compelling of taciturn history of Vietnam Nation that most mysterious in Indochina.